Just want to know what you think of my song and whether i should add lyrics or drums etc.


The timing is a little sloppy in places and the build up before the solo sounds horrible but i just used my crappy effects pedal and audacity.

It's ok i think though.

"Be Excellent To Each Other"
you ROCK. nothing needs to be added to that song. sweet instrumental.
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you really think so? I played it to my band and they liked it but they wanna' add drums bass an vocals coz' otherwise they'll have nothin' to do.
"Be Excellent To Each Other"
Awesome playing and great build-up! It's a shame the recording is so distorted though If you manage to get some better recording gear, you will find everything so much nicer

Nice one!
you want REAL critism? you want Neptune. here i am.
lets see.

i like it. sound quality is awful. fizzy.

still seems bare to me. distortion sounds a bit funny, but it may just be the recording.
musically, this peice is sound, however it only suffers a bit of minor cosmetic damage with the recording quality.

good playing

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*cough* uh yeah thanks lol
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thanks, i really appreciate it, would you recomend getting the ux1 for recording? I've heard it's got really good amp models and stuff.
At the moment im using audacity and a crappy old effects pedal for the distortion.
"Be Excellent To Each Other"
Great intro, like the lead too. When i first heard it, it seemed a little annoyingly high-pitched but throughout the song it fits very well. I wouldn't change that at all.

If this was recorded better (equipment that is.. your playings great) it could be a really good song.

The solos really impressive, wish i could solo like that.

All in all .. great for what it is, I'd love to hear it as a full song with drums n whatnot. Keep up the good work.

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Awesome! I'm just about to add you to my freinds on myspace. Awesome solo, but you might wanna sort out the build up, and I'd have some drums and bass enter for the solo, no vocals though, you don't want any vocals to **** up that music