most of crates amps are pieces of ****, their tube amps are pretty nice though.
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The distortion is poor and distorts early. The cleans are very poor and the built in efx sound horrible just overall its poor construction and sounds bad thats why they are ****.

and you think your amp sounds good thats fine but if you play a tube amp you will see what real tone is
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I think Crate is slightly better than the offering in the same range by Peavey, but its sound is completely bland, even in comparison to the Marshall MG10, the Fender Frontman, or the Vox Pathfinder. I tried it around Christmas and wasn't impressed by it at all. But hey, if you're just starting to play, don't worry about what gear you have. Just make sure the guitar is playable and you practice regularly. Eventually you'll want to upgrade your gear, and then you'll move on to something that sounds and performs better.
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I have the same one, thougt it didnt have bad tone, but then plugged into a tube and now i think the tone sucks, but unless you gig or record you dont realy need awesome tone.
ya i have a crate 120watt ss amp, and it definately bland, lacking anything i would call good tone, but construction is good. Things built like a tank, loud as hell, inexpensive, and a good warranty, which is good but seriously that stuff is all seconday and less important than solid tone.
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i would love iran compared to this place trust me, they dont lie to you

i have an older crate practice amp that isnt too bad. obviously doesnt sound anywhere near as good as my tube amp, but its passable. the problem is the newer crate amps dont sound as good. in fact, some of the newer ones sound bad, but others are just bland and lifeless. as with any brand, it really depends on the model and when it was made as to how it is going to sound.
Which half stack are you talking about, most of the solid state halfstacks sound about the same as the combos just louder, the blue voodoo sounds better, but it still sucks compared to other similarly priced tube amps.

I've got the gtx 212 combo and I wish I had saved up and bought a line 6 flextone or saved even more and bought a b-52 at-100 halfstack.
Yep crate V , bluevoodoo and palomino are awesome for the price
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Quote by isan
Yep crate V , bluevoodoo and palomino are awesome for the price

BV's are a bit overpriced, but really not that bad
My friend just bought a Crate full stack, I don't know exactly what kind it was off-hand, but after hearing and playing it for a while, my respect for Crate has gone up. I still don't plan to buy any of their equipment, but that stack is far greater than the 30W Drive amp he was using.

He already has a good Metal Distortion pedal, and we both pretty much agree that the stack's distortion just doesn't quite cut it compared to the pedal.

I think part of the reason that "Crate is crap" is the pre-conceived notion that people get from it. Someone plays an amp of theirs, it's not up to their standard, and they tell all of their friends that it sucks. Having only played a few Crates myself, I can't say everything they make is terrible, but there's some stuff that I just don't like. For a normal player though, a Crate combo or half-stack should be fine for them, but it's really not something to take on your world tour.
I can say crate is crap because i have not played a single amp of theirs that was good it has all been garbage and i have owned like 3. then played a bunch more all garbage amps. Bad tone poor cleans bad effects they break down. they are just horrible all around much better choices in that price range
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one reason why they are decent is cause they are user freindly and begginers can figure it out easier, and once they learn what amp do they can go get they better ones
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they arnt crap. They are amps

they just arnt as good as other amps.

play a good tube amp and then ask yourself that same question.

even so, if a 10 watt solid state amp works for you, then fine. it really doesnt matter what people say, online, offline, on the net or in real life. It all comes down to you. If it was crap and everyone knew it, then why do they make it? there are some crate amps that are widely used by artsits and musicians, its a preference thing, so who cares.

so who cares, making posts like these are useless, and they give a couple of jerks on her some extra stomping ground to express their feelings against cheaper gear.

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BVs are prettu nice........... expecially the 600 watt one....... It'll make you sound like......... Ted Nugent !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!