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I'm not THAT much into porno to know the actors and stuff...

But I have heard of Justine Joli and I want to see one of her vids. Couldn't find anything on limewire pro.
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Shut up. Actually, higher mods...can we ban him for being a cunt?
the first hottest thing on google images under lesbo........ no unwanted penis.
Threads ABOUT porn are ok, yes? Just as long as no one actually posts it.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
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You forget Ron Jeremy!

He's your favourite, huh? I never thought you were that way inclined.
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He's your favourite, huh? I never thought you were that way inclined.

It's the moustache. Infact anybody with a 'tache. Mario is another one. This picture is my dream!
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jenna jameson was hot back in her early days. Tera Patrick is great.
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wow, is that backgammon? Now that's what I call fore play...
Your mum, A K Honey, and that dog from the fraiser series, not quite a pornstar but I saw his knob a few times... I have low standards
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Your mum, A K Honey, and that dog from the fraiser series, not quite a pornstar but I saw his knob a few times... I have low standards

Lily Thai and Sophie Dee.
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Too many and they change so often. Girls come and go in the business really fast.

But I do have a ton of respect for Jenna Jameson. Not necessarily as a performer but just as a professional. She really made a name for herself and now she has total control over it. She's ridiculously successful, she owns all of the rights to her name. She's comletely independant from Vivid and any contracts now. It's all her.
Krystal Steal.
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Teagan Presley. she is probably my dreamgirl. man i want that so bad.
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Honestly, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. So some moron put evidence of me exposing her stupidity in her signature, why should I care?
Krystal Steal always seems like she's not really into it and just goes "Oh yeah... yeah" the whole time. But she is hot.

My fave is probably... Tera Patrick. Or maybe Lanni Barbie.
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Anna Nova is pretty hot

Erica Campbell (man she's hot)
Ashley Robbins (hot red head)
Shelby Belle
Krystal Steal (tightest ass)
Tiffany Rose
Tawny Roberts

Did I mention Erica she is mostly clothed:

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Over the years...

Dani Woodward, Jackie Ashe, Riley Mason, and now I particularily like Allie Sin, or Naughty Nati on her personal site.

[God, I'm lonely. ]
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savannah samson, brianna banks, and slyvia saint
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.... so wtf is an emo? is it like an emu only rounder?
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Lily Thai and Ava Devine.

Ava Devine really knows what to say right before you blow a load in her face.
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ahh too many but personal fav's : eve laurence, jesse jane, brandy taylor, jessie summers,karina kay, kinzie kenner, cythera, gia paloma, kat, leah luv, leslie zen, masin storm and amy reid. all FTW!!!!

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Lily Thai and Sophie Dee.

thats one of mine
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