I have just bought a Laney GH50l half stack off ebay and it worked fine for 2 days. now when i have turned it on it is REALY quiet even on full volume

whats wrong????
Is the jack of the wire connecting ur guitar completely connected in both the amp and the guitar. Also, check the volume knob on ur guitar.
volume on guitar is on max, notihng wrong with the cable, could it be one of the tubes in the amp that has blown?
Yeah. Could be. Just try it with another guitar/cable to make sure and if that doesn't work just take it 2 ur local guitar shop and get it fixed (might be expensive tho)
tried a different cable and no success, notihng wrong with the guitar either, tried another one on it.

i just have to turn it up to full volume to gear anything, and normally it is deafening
Tubes? Is it a tube amp?

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I'm not too sure then. Is evry volume on the amp on full ie- master volume on amp and separate channel volumes?
Then one of the tubes has blown, or one of the wires inside is starting to tear. Just take it 2 ur local guitar store and get it checked out.
btw did u like the amp b4 it started screwing up? impressions of it?

you got it off ebay so maybe one of the tubes were damaged in transit and it's only started failing now. either way it's a bit expensive to get these things off ebay isn't it?
Some power outlets in my house make my amp have normal volume, and some
I have to turn it up almost to the max just to hear it, so try a differnt power outlet(in a different room though, it wont make a difference if its in the same room.beacaue all the outlets are connected.)
Also make sure that you don't acidentaly have some kind of power damp function enabled on your amp (you've prolly already checked this but I'm just saying this to make sure). If it's not that I guess a tube is broken or a wire is loose, take it to a shop.
i know, with the randall warheads, the wiring or something internal in the head burned out after you used it awhile...so you had to get it repaired...not sure if that helps for this amp or not

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I had a problem like this once and for me one of the tone dials was loose and I had to have it in the right position (up and down or me) to get it to work. If that made sense.
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