not sure if it's really about the frets but fret 4-7 on the 5th string buzzes when i press it hard. can somebody help me?

the truss rod's straight and the action's fine. it's a floyd rose btw.

is somebody having the same problem?
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What do you mean by 5th string? Is it the A or B string?

Oh and is the fret buzz unnoticable when you're playing through an amp?
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I would definitely take it to a shop. The last thing you want to do is try to fix it and mess it up even more.
If the truss rod's straight and the action's fine, it could be uneven fret height between the 4th and 7 th frets which you need a expert at a shop to take care of, by either replace frets or filing.
well the truss rod's not supposed to be completely straight, it should have a very slight bow...that could be it.
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