Im buying a new guitar on Friday via mail order (ESP LTD EC-1000), Im not 100% certain wether i wanna get one with EMG's or Duncans.

Ive owned 2 EMG guitars in ther past and have played extensively on a gibson with stock pickups but never Duncans specifically.

I play metal but i also like to strum and fingerpick, also i enjoy clean arpeggios too. I like EMG's but am wondering if Duncans are better all rounders, better for cleans maybe? It is the JB/59 set. How do they hold up against EMG's for meaty rhythm? I know players like Dave Mustaine, Matt and Corey Trivium, Michael Amott etc use them...

In your humble opinions, what are the pros and cons of both?
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what amp do you use? cos that will determine whether emgs will sound like **** or not

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I am using a Marshall AVT100 combo and a Marshall AVT half stack, but i am upgrding to an ENGL screamer 50 in a month or 2.

I used to own this guitar with Emg's before but i just wanna know if Duncans are better all rounders.
I have a seymour duncan invader on my ibanez rg7321 and it plays alright clean, but if you really want the crackle sound while playing clean go for emg81-85. I really dont like the jb since im more of a high-output freak, but from what i hear it has a good clear sound.
No no no no. the 85s cleans suck.

if your going EMG get the 81/60 the 60 has amazing cleans, however your going to have crappy tone with that amp untill you upgrade
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There is many different seymour duncan and emgs out there. The only real difference is one uses a battery (emg) and seymour duncan usually doesn't. I have had good luck with both. Your going to have to go to each pickup website and do some research to find the pickup that fits your needs.


Both sites have great support sections.