I have been working on scales for about 2 months. i can play the major scale pretty good, but i don't understand why i am hitting those notes. I then started understanding the W W H W W W H concept of the major scale, and understand the basic fundamentals of that concept. I understand how notes are arranged on the fretboard, and why certain notes are a half step up or a whole step up. So i have been practicing the major scale, and i say out loud "Whole, Whole Half, Whole Whole Whole Half" when I hit the notes and got through the scale. But again, I am stuck... How do I apply this to the next level and what is the next thing to practice and understand about scales... what excersises can I practice to apply the "Whole Whole HAlf" concept/pattern to something else?

I am trying push forward, and cannot due to a lack of understanding. I understand that the major scale is a byproduct of that WWHWWWH pattern. I guess now I am asking: "So what? I know the concept, how do i apply it? What is the next step?"
You're applying the WWHWWWH pattern when you construct the scale. It's the pattern of intervals used to construct the major scale in relation to the note you start on. It's important because once you've constructed the major scale, everything else is relative to that.

The next step would be to start constructing chords and other scales in relation to the major scale after you've constructed it using the WWHWWWH pattern.