I think this is the right place?

Anyway, me and my friend might be organzing a battle of the bands at our school, a very small one though, probably only 4 bands, but none of us have done anything like it before so its nice to start low

I'm wondering how are they normally judged? A panal of judges? This would probably have to be the head teacher and music teacher, or should we get the audience to vote?

And what would be the best way to organise it? Like each band play a song, then an other, and do this till everyone has done (?) songs?

I don't think the school would be happy if all the money went to the winning band, so i was going to say 1/2 goes to charity, other half goes to the winning band? (all of the bands could do with the money, for mics etc)

And should we set a limit on covers/originals?

you could prolly do something like that, or you could have each band do 2 covers and 2 originals.
well,From My experiences in watching battle of the bands...They can be judged in a couple of ways...They usually play 2-4 songs...some covers and originals....Its their choice...

they can be judged by :

a) Crowd Choice
b) Judges,One judges on style,One Judges on reaction to Crowd,and the last one judges on theory and playability
c) Both put together ( Crowd Choices become one Vital Part,and the judges point out the rest)
No rly?

Ya rly.
Get each band to play their full set, then the next band, then the next band, don't have them changing about, because unless they're all using exactly the same instruments, pedals and amp settings, you'd end up with a huge gap in between each song.
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