I recorded this a couple months ago using a pod xt love and a strat. couldnt get it to load but it finally worked. I improved everything after the first couple main licks because i got sick of learning it note for note. any judgements or crit is welcome

JJK, tear this song apart i always bag on you so give me your thoughts.

The tone was easy to listen to, and the solo was pretty much right on.
Overall, 9/10
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... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
It was pretty damn good. The only thing I can think of is adding a little more vibrato to your bends and stuff. Nice job!
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Thanks JJK. Yeah when i made this, i wasnt to big into vibrtaing my bends by hand, i did it using the tremelo, and at the time i couldnt find the tremelo so i just didnt really bother.