How does it feel, to be on the outside looking in. How does it feel, to be alone, and on your own. With no one there, to wipe your tears or catch you when you fall.

How does it feel?

When a little girl, looks out her window pane. Watching, as all of the little children play. Hoping, wishing, that one day, someone, would want her, and would take her away.

How does it feel?

And yet another tear falls down her face again. When all she wants is for someone to take her pain away. And she finds herself on her hands and knees, crying "Save me, save me, and take me away."

(Then it palm mutes the bridge chords, and then goes all out.)

Save me, save me, and take me away.

Tell me what you think!
well its good very simple and easy but it reminds me so damn much about stone sours looking glass, is that where you got your idea?
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Lol, no, I hand't even heard that song when I wrote this. But yea, i can see your point.
its alright but when i try to read it i always feel like the next word are gonna be "like a rolling stone"
These are question that might not need to be answered...it is a song, after all, it doesn't need a literary context as a story...but anyway:
Why is it that the girl is alone, and feel no-one will help her?
What has happened that makes her feel for rejected?

And, just a thought: what would happen if the girl decided to say 'fine, if no-one will take me away, I'll do something about it myself?' (As in, I'll prevail despite everyone else avoiding/ingoring/rejecting me?') Could be a powerful an unexpected end to the song....just some thoughts...
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The song can be interpreted several different ways...but the way i wrote it was that the girl is an orphan, sitting alone looking out her window, and watching as other children with parents, and families playing. And that she is hoping that one day someone would want her and would adopt her? But yes, thanks for your thoughts! :-)
Ah, okay...so I she wouldn't exactly be able to walk out and just do it on her own! It's a nice piece of social commentary, though...why is there always that one child left behind (bugged at school/picked on by others/etc.)?
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.