allright, i am more of rythm player but i want 2 learn how 2 play solos. i know the phrygian, and the pentatonic scales, i just dont know what to do with them to make a solo with them
everything else is just details
Im not the theory person cuz I self learn...so do what I do if u really dont have any other idea.

Just Crap Around with your guitar till u find somthing nice...Then Write that nice part down and try to continue it...its called bricking..or so What I call it..Its a noob thing
No rly?

Ya rly.
try playing the chords of a normal songs pergression, i would suggest a song that u know the rythem part to very well.
lets say the 1st chord is an E chord, strum that E chord and use the notes which composed the order of that E chord in different mathmatical combinations such as 1,5,3...1,5,3.....5,5,5....3,5,1...(im speaking in positions)
however ive found that the BEST way to solo is to download videos of live shows and watch the way the artests play, absorb there techniques and ingraph them into your own playing....if u dont have a download program i suggest downloading Limewire, or bearshare, if u have a slower internet connection then a T1 or Cable modem i suggest going to the site www.licklibrary.com it has a large number of videos which help my playing ablities a great deal.