Hey, I know you must be getting sick of these types of threads, but I can't think of anywhere better to ask (other than at the store). What kind of guitar (brand or model) would be best to use for both chord strumming but also sound fairly decent when used for fingerstyle picking? I'm looking for something thats in a mid to low price range; I don't think I can afford a guitar to last me a lifetime yet, but I'm looking for something perhaps fairly rugged that I can bring with me to university. Any information (as detailed or as not) that you can provide would be appreciated.
Go to a pwan shop or Cash Converters and look at the guitars they have. I got mine there for less than a hunmdred bucks, a Samick that has been discontinued. It's beautiful, and plays pretty well, though it's a laminate top and I needed to get the truss rod adjusted. If you're looking for something inexpensive just to learn on or screw around with, you don't need to go to a guitar shop. Just make sure you play before you buy!
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same here i got my 20 year old acoustic Fender there just ask around most the stuff u can get there are pretty good.
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Most guitarist who play Fingerstye prefer the wider 1 3/4" (at nut) neck width over the usual 1 11/16" width.
Not all guitar MFG'er offer this neck width. But I know the Epiphone Masterbuilt series offers one. The EF 500 I believe. It's the same basic model Gretchen Wilson plays. I understand Seagull does also, but can't confirm.
For cheaper used guitars, look for 1970's Japanese bults such as the Epiphone FT series, Yamaha FG series, and Ventura Bruno's.
Be sure to measure yourself to make sure to.
And don't be fooled. Even tho those 70's vintage Japenese made guitars don't command the used prices they deserve. If you find one in good shape, they are VERY good guitars. IMO certainly better than any similiarly priced current Korean or Chinese made model.