if my action is too high can it pull on the neck more causing it to bend??
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adjust your neck then lazy ass

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i dont think it would have any noticable effect on your neck. the action on my first guitar was high for about the first 2 years i had it, and when i finally adjusted it, nothing happened to the neck. the only thing that would affect your neck is the string tension, which isnt related to action, at least not as far as i know. if your neck is "bending" then you probably need to have your truss rod adjusted, if you dont know how to do that, take it to someone who does, cause you can really screw up your neck otherwise
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adjust your neck then lazy ass

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I'm not sure if having it too high would cause any problems... It doesn't SEEM like it would.. but then again, you never know. :/ I do remember hearing about one of the more known guitar players (forgot who it was, heh) that used obscurely high action. I don't think it'd cause constant bending of the neck, but I guess it COULD throw it out slightly when you adjust it at first if it's a drastic change.
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I don't think so, but it can make intonating a little harder, and it could wear down your frets quicker. Plus, wouldnt you need your nut shimming? (not sure)

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To a certain extent, yeah, too high of an action may cause your neck relief to go more than it should. If you're too worried about your truss rod's adjustment, try checking the neck relief and see whether its proper.

It can also mess up your intonation but thats easily recovered. But there are certain upsides to it, for example your sustain could get a little better, rather than your action too low, but to fret it is harder.
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