well in my band...there is two vocalist...theres the lead singer who is a baritone and me, who is a tenor...and i was just wondering in what key i could write a song in that would work for both of us and sound good?
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Key of R

Aww come on, you know that the key of H Sharp Minor is the best.

On a serious note:
Write in whatever key you feel is best. If you're gonna sing to it, write in a key you're comfortable in. Its all on preference really.
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depends on ur voices dude, write in a key that is easy to sing with, no piont writing a song in a key that is to high and u end up struggling to hit notes,

I am with the other dude id stick with the key of H minor Sharp lol only kdding
Try out diff. keys during band practice. if that don't kick the baritone in the nuts, that should get him into range
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