i recently have heard 1 or 2 tracks from buckethead, i reall like 'welcome to buckethead land' and 'night of the slunk' i like metal and i was wondering if someone could point me in teh direction of more songs similar to these 2 or more metal ones as i have heard ther songs by him that are real slow and that i dont really like them.

so ones with cool riffs liek the intro to buckethead land and stuff like that , thanks
Buckethead have so many diferrent styles so if you want metal stuff try the latest album
elephant mans alarm clock which have some very cool songs like Final wars.Also some songs from Enter the chicken album like Nottingham Lace.Also listen to Giant Robot album and Giant robot[ntt] and monsters and robots
Power Rangers theme song............
Dave Mustaine for president.

R.I.P Vitek
I have Bucketheadland and Enter The Chicken. They're both pretty awesome, but on the latter the vocals kind of overpower the playing.
i dont know much Buckethead; i've had no motviation to get into him as i think he's an ass, but if you like metal with shred solos and kickass riffs, Dream Theater FTW.