I've been playing near 8 months now, getting decent if i do say so myself but most of the time i practice it's sitting on my bed so i stood up to play master of puppets and to my surprise i could pick even faster but when it comes to sliding i find it really hard. the problem is before the guitar was embedded between my leg and my forearm but now the guitar is loose, can't even manage to slide up one cord.
anyway have you had this problem? what did you do? no flaming please, we already know you have a small penis no reason to point it around
grip your guitar between your forearm and hip above the bridge area to stop the guitar moving about

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i dunno where it comes from..but try to put one leg on a chai or something and slide...maybe you lower it from time to time to get comfortable with sliding...
dunno if that works
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its all to do with where the guitar is, my guitar is around my hip-knee but ive always played like that so its not a problem for me
hmm, yeah holding my it between my forearm and hip seems to work well downsliding but not so great up sliding, but that used to be the same when i sat down a little while ago.
so thanx for the help guys, just one of those things you'll get used to after a while i guess
I think you're misusing the term "sliding". In guitaring circles that alludes to playing slide guitar, but anyway, we know what you mean.

Perhaps you're gripping the neck too hard with your fretting hand? If you're moving up and down the neck you shouldn't apply more pressure than you need to fret the note or chords you're currently playing. The fretboard need not be gripped like a baseball bat.