This is the first song I've attempted to write; I've been writing poetry for many years, so when I picked up a guitar it seemed natural to try my hand at songwriting.

Anyway, I'm lookiong for some advice. This is incomplete as yet; the verses are as I'd like them for the most part (not sure about the third verse, though) and I want to add another stanza to the bridge.
My thinking for the bridge: because the rest of it isn't in rhyme, I want to bridge to be 'overwhelming' in it's rhyme, if you get what I mean. I want the second verse of it to rhyme with 'you' as well, but am not sure if this would be too dull for the song.
I also want to make sure this comes out on a good note, do you think this is the case?

As for genre, the melody started sounding almost like a Willie Nelson inspired thing, but I'm thinking now it'll be more attuned to blues.
Anyway, any thoughts are much appreciated!

I dreamed a dream,
A dream of sorrow;
And when I woke, I found that I had lost you.
A dreamer?s dream.

In all my dreams,
I see your likeness.
I taste your kiss and feel your arms embracing
My lonely heart.

And when I dream
I long for silence;
And end to all the pining for your memory,
An end to pain.


And if I wanted to
Well I could still be true
And ever think of you
And live a life of yearning;

I dreamed a dream,
A dream of stillness;
For though I weep to know that I have lost you,
I?ll dream again.
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.