So... Here's the deal.

I'm getting an Agile AL 3000, but cosmetically, I'm in love with the AL 2000s..

The white black gold combinations are absolutely gorgeous to me, but the 3000s don't come in that color combo..

So, I was wondering... is there any way I could just grab another 3000 with gold HW and get a paint job somewhere to make it white? Is it hard to manually refinish the guitar? How costly would it be?

I really don't want to sacrifice quality for looks, but I really want that White/Gold/Black combo. I'd settle for wine red, but damn... I'd hate to give up on what I really want.

Any advice is appreciated.

Note: I did email rondomusic about this issue. I asked if they had any 3000s available in white, or if they did custom orders. No response.. (Contacted about a week and a half ago).
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Sure you can repaint it yourself.


It may not come out to be a factory finish your first time, but rarely does anything you do first time come out professional. If you look around your area you may find a luthier who'd be willing to do it, or even a body shop will do it for you.

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^I'm surprised Chris. I thought you might plug yourself on that one.

But yeah, as Algee said, you can just paint it yourself. Should be pretty simple since it's white, just plain white.