They're ok. I have Seven Circles and Edges of Twilight. Pretty good stuff, I like Jeff Martin. I saw one of the last shows Tea Party did before they broke up, they opened for Def Leppard here in Winnipeg, was a really good show. His new single was decent, I've thought about getting his solo record, but not got around to it. I've always been wanting to get more Tea Party stuff as well, never did that either, I should some time though.
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I used to listen too them a lot. Now I only throw on Edges of Twilight once in awhile.
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i've never listened to much of their stuff but The Bazaar is probably one of my all-time favourite songs, so maybe i should. what would i be most likely to enjoy based on liking The Bazaar?

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^I think you'd like alot of their stuff if you're into that song. I suggest you get the rest of that album, Edges of Twilight, I really like it.
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ok i'll grab that album then, thanks mate

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They're quite excellent, I really like Splendor Solis.

I'm suprised how so few people actually know them.
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I like them. But I've met Jeff Martin (he lives close to me) and he's a real asshole.

Big lol to that .

What did he do/say then?
Tea Party grew up in my town , LaSalle, Ontario, Canada.

And before they broke up, they played at a festival in my town and then the next day i was at the park and i seen the drummer with his kid there so i got an autograph...but i'm not really a fan of the music, BUT i do go to the same highschool as they did.
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Big lol to that .

What did he do/say then?

He was very egotistical. He had a whole "don't you know who I am?!" attitude. He emphasized that "we're really big in Australia." My dad played one of their songs on his computer and he got all pissed off and such. He thought he had downloaded it illegally. He insisted someone get him a drink as opposed to him walking to the fridge to get it himself. Just stupid big-headed things like that.
I hate people like that. When I read interviews and stuff it always seemed like he was a genuinely nice guy. Then again, I've only seen one or two...
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The Tea Party are awesome!!! My favourite album is by far Tryptych with favourite songs being "The messenger", "Heaven coming down".. Saw them at Festi Hall in Brisbane (R.I.P Festival hall) and they covered Jeff Buckleys last goodbye.


Strangely enough I'm from Australia and yes, all my mates love them.
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^really, they covered Jeff Buckley? Damn I wish I could hear that....I'm assuming they never recorded it...
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I saw them twice in Buffalo. They were great live. The second time my seat was front center stage. It was awesome!

I have all of their albums, the dvd, a whole bunch of shirts, signed autographs (sent by David McMillan), Martin's cd, and some little stuff like keychains, singles, so on.

I found the band one day when I was watching Much Music. I live close to Lake Erie so some of the Canadian stations come across. I've been addicted ever since.
I'm a really big fan of these guys, I bought seven circles when it came out on a whim, not sure what i was going to get, and today i've just bought Trip tych. I can hardly wait to get more of thier music.
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and yea, Jeff definatly looks and sounds like Jim Morrison, and from what i gather from his lyrics he trys to put things in a similar way, in the sence of 'mystic,'
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aww, tea party was a name i wanted to use for a potential band...lame.
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I looooove the song Time of the Alhambra ep. Seriously everyone needs to hear it.

Anyone have Jeff's new album?
If so please tell me what it's like.
it really stinks that they broke up, i was going to go to the Def Lepord show in Regina Sk that they opened, but really didn't want to pay to see def lepord. now i'll never get the chance to see them.
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they played one of the best gigs I've ever seen in March 1996. he has such a command over the guitar it's scary. he is staggering good at playing guitar.
when the Tea Party supported Page & Plant, Jimmy Page would stand side-stage and watch Jeff Martin play. He thought is was scary as f**k having his idol watch him. Page actually went up to Jeff Martin after and asked him 'how do you get the violin bow to resonate so well over the strings'. he said it was the most surreal experience, as you could imagine.

no wonder he has an ego, impressing Jimmy Page would do it!