I've decided that I want to make a custom Ibanez Iceman. Im gonna purchase a cheap 150 dollar IC200 off of ebay, sand it down, strip it of its electronics, place my own pickups in there, new pots capacitors knobs and all that if necessary. I'm creating an image on photoshop that I want printed on the front of the guitar. If anyone wants to see it in the works, ill put it up later, but it looks really sick so far. Basically, what are the best ways to go about getting the image on the guitar? I considered taking it to an artist at the mall who blows up pictures on canvases and stuff but I figure that might really be pricey. Are there any shops that can help me out at a more affordable price? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks guys
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On eBay you can buy this waterslide decal stuff. Which simply is a clear sheet of paper which you print your desired image on and you put it on the guitar however it tells you to and then laquor over it. =D Simple.

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