im tryin to study basic music theory , and im not sure whats goin on with "Wonderful tonight". i have the little riff thing worked out in the d major scale. I also have the chords as follows ;

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear. ...etc

now , do these chords come from the g major scale , thats what i understand so far as the first chord is G. but it doesnt go in the key signature thing of I - IV - V. so whats going on with it? any help would be appreciated. also if u could give me some examples of songs with the key they are in so i can figure it out myself so i do understand it.
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G A B C D E F# is the G major scale.

The chords in G major are

G major
A minor
B minor
C major
D major
E minor
F# diminished

So in G major, it's a I-IV-V-IV-I (?) progression.
Yes, it's a standard I-IV-V ballad in Gmajor. Very simple...

Now, if I could just play that lick like he does... I wish lol
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