This is a song I wrote about family violence so give me a crit and a tip on how to fix it up thanks. oh yeah don't say it's emo cuz it ain't It's punk


Why didn't I lock my bedroom door
To block out all the screaming
And to ignore
The Violence it makes me wanna go insane
You've tortured me for way too long
I'll never be the same

And today I'll never be the same
(Cuz you took it all away)
And tody I'll make it on my own
(I don't need you any more)


that's all I got for now
I like it but i cant really get into it or feel much because of its legnth..that really all i can say.

check mine out if u dont mind

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Under Influence: A weird look
Minor Posession(A gram or two): Confiscation
Possession w/ intent to distribute(Lots, all bagged out): Jail.
The look on your face when the dealer tells you it's laced with crack: Priceless
Great start. The subject matter was really good and it was very well wriiten. I can't wait until you finish the rest of it. Keep up the good work.

Pop-punk maybe...yeah, nothing too mind-blowing here. The repetition of the "i'll never be the same" line just makes the song seem whiney. Uh...yeah. That's all I have to say right now.