hi i am looking to but my first all tube amp head and i am looking at the ashdown fallen angle 60w one any one kno if this is the cheepest one for less than £500 and are theas any good

i play allot of meatal and hard rock
No personal experience but from what I have heard, it is pretty much a metal/hardrock amp. The B-52 like said is also a good option in that range. I love my B-52 but I can't say if either of them is better because I have no experience with the Ashdown.
another thing i have notest is that wen i search for them on the internet thay come up whith slightley difforent pics but all have the same specs
I think that they may make an SS version. They also make a 60 and 100 watt tube version of the amp. These are probably just the different ones.