I'm sure most of you have heard them. Just wanted to see what most metalheads think of them; A lot of progressive fans like them (seeing as they are...progressive!)

I only have The Spectre Within and...well...I HATE it. Let me rephrase that: The music is quite good, but the vocals/vocalist piss me off so god damn much. Not only is he off-key almost 100% of the time just ranting and wailing away, but he has ****ing awful phrasing. For example he begins "melodic phrases" (I quote because he really has no sense of either term) with the last word of sentences and does it like, in the middle of a riff. It's like he can't hear the music and just decided to sing random sentences putting rests before and accenting random words.

Okay, not that I've bashed him to hell, I'd like to reiterate that if you haven't heard them and you like any progressive stuff ala Rush, Dream Theater etc, you might like these guys. Supposedly the Spectre Within is one of their best, alongside Awakening the Guardian.

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A Pleasant Shade of Grey is not only one of the best prog metal albums of all time, but it was one of the best albums of all time period.

Fates Warning is the shit.
This should probably go in the Prog forum, IMO. I always thought they were a straight prog-rock band, as opposed to prog metal.
Metal-archives lists them as power metal/progressive metal. That's what I go by at least, but yeah they do border rock.

Inimical, are the vocals basically how I described on a Pleasent Shade of Grey, also? If it wasn't for the horrible melody of the singer I could possibly get into them.
Dead soldier! Go now to Valhalla!
I never really paid attention to it. I'll listen to it again and get back to you.

If, by you mentioning this, the album is ruined for me I will be very upset