long term bad effects of using 12's at standard tuning? I use them because its the only real gauge I comfortable with, and anyone that owns a fender Jaguar will understand that the higher the gauge, the better they play, 8 and 9's dont even work on a Jag .

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well usually guitars are made with neck and truss rod adjustments for 10's. SO over time it might warp the neck a little. So tightening your truss a tad might be a good idea...but i dont like messing with my truss rod, lol
has it been set up for that gauge. like did it come with another gauge of strings on like thinner ones and then you just put on your .12's? cause if you did that you should get it set up for .12's
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As long as it is set up correctly, it should be fine. After all, Stevie Ray Vaughn used 13's and tuned a half step down which is pretty much the same.
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I use .11's on my Jaguar, and I've never had any problems. Then again, mine is setup correctly. So basicly it will only get screwed up if your guitar isn't set up correctly.