my double-coil neck pickup has no buzzing/grounding issues. Its all my bridge double coil. anyway, i can stand at certain places from my amp and the buzzing is minimal. not much difference when i touch the guitar. then i'll turn around a little bit and the buzzing comes in. i'll take a half-step to the side and i get a different buzzing tone. i'll touch the guitar and it reduces a little bit, but not much. however, when i turn down the volume knob, everything goes away (ummm, yeah). i've tried the a/b grounding switch, but that has no effect. i've tried 3 different outlets and none is better than the other. i've tried it in my bedroom where i've only got an electric clock, and that isn't even in the same wall outlet. i just had the pickups installed by my local wrench (she's really good) so there might be an issue with the wiring, but i kind of doubt it.

is this normal? is this why i need an ISP noise decimator?
no its nothing it can be setoff by flofecent lighting and tvs...just any thing that gives off radio waves
my amp is pretty much the only electrical device that's turned on in the room.