Hi, ive been looking around for some time for a practice scedule but there all a little Vague e.g. Practice Scales, Chords..

Im just wondering if there is anything a bit more detailed like actuall tab and so on and more guidence as how to spend your time practicing, im looking for more detail basically and i think it would be very usefull for me and a lot of people if anyone could help? I haev Plenty of time for practice but i dont think im making the most of it at the moment many thanks

Carl Martin ..
It all depends. I spend about an hour a day building speed, about 2 hours to 2 and a half hours on theory, and then just doing whatever for the rest of the time.
My Goals Are to Be able to learn a wide range of music from lead to rythem , many thanks.
my latest routine was developed by recording and listening to my playing and deciding what needed most work. i found that my 3 note per string legato runs weren't very smooth so i made it went on the list, string skipping showed up a couple o bum notes, bending needed slight refining to add a little sparkle and lastly there was a some stray string noise so i worked on silencing it. just think on what will make the biggest impact to your playing. i still work on my alternae picking and general speed and scales, when im happy with what ive worked on i'll record my self again and re do the process. give it a try