Is an RG370DX going to be good if I don't use the trem all that much? I've heard Edge III's are crap. Is it going to go out of tune solely from playing? I know you guys might recommend getting an RG321, but I want the option of using the single coil and I want a locking nut since I play in a cramped space an often hit my headstock against the wall. Also really minor things like sharktooth markers on better color choices for the 370DX.
No... edge II's are crap.

I have it, and it's great for the value! And don't worry, mine doesn't go out of tune for weeks! It's a bitch to change guages but that's the same case with all the floyd base trems :P.

It's a great axe! Go for it.
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i have a rg370dx and it is greate i have no trouble whith mine sintd i got it set up
thats the onley thing i recomend a good setup
its a good guitar, but after a while you get sick of the ****ty pickups
i dont know why people would say the bridge sucks, its the exact same as a FR except its an ibanex brand instead
the neck is sweet thats probably what i love the most about it, and the looks
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i have it aswell, the only problem i have with it is the pickups. I think a good set of dimarzio's would deffinitly improve the sound
There's absolutely no point of getting a floyd rose system on a guitar if you dont wanna use it regularly. If you dont use it regularly, more problems will occur, the springs wont be as spungy coz it has lost its sense of "memory".

About the bridge, the fact that its made out of cheap material is there, its entry level trem from Ibanez. The possibility of the knife edges wearing out is higher than other reliable trem that Ibanez had made, Edge Pro or ZR for example. Dont get me wrong, this trem can be great prior to great setup but the percentage of getting a good Edge III is lower than those reliable Ibanez's trem. This is due to abuse from insubordinate guitar tech from GCs which dunno crap and emo kids who pretend to be Vai.

More ppl will come here and bash you about the Edge III, they'll recommend you to get at least the S470 or 2nd hand RG5xx/RG7xx discontinued model, or just plainly, the RG1570. Im not suggesting you not to get this guitar but, there are more reliable and safe trems out there for you to look for. If you still insist on getting this guitar, then get it, if the trems go sh!tty just replace it with an OFR/similar near future.
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Well I'm gonna use it, just not beat the living crap out of it. I think I'll just get this one and replace the bridge if necessary.
Everyone that says the Edge III is crap is just using it in comparison to the best ones..
it is far from crap, it is just worse than the good ones.
mine stays in tune for months even with dives and such, and even if it does drop, it is so insignificant half a turn of the fine tuning knobs solves that extremely quick.
its a great guitar for the money

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i have an RG370dx and i love it. Certainly suits the music i play and the bridge and pick ups are fine.