Could someone explain to me the advantages of a 7 string over a 6 string? and also the disadvantages of the 7 string to the 6?
you can always just not use the 7th one, or even take it off. but it might mess up your neck and make it feel uncomfortable.
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cuz i kinda wanna get a 7 string, but it only comes in black. the 6 string comes in red (which is what i want). the 7 string is a used [but at full playable quality], but its 55 dollars less than the 6 which only has new. should i just forget about looks and go with the 7?
A 7 string is pretty much a trade off between extended range and a wider neck. I'd get the 7 string, but that's just me.
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im pretty sure its harder to find 7string guitar strings too, well it is around where i live anyway
What guitar are you looking at and whats your price range. I play a 7 string about 99% of the time. At first when i got it i thought, why the hell did i buy this, my hands are small and i can't play this thing. Well about 4 hours later i was busting out crazy ass low riffs and playing my dream theater favorites.
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Personally, for looks, I'd get the C-1. But in the long run, you'll probably wish you had gotten that 7 string, because that's what you really want.