Hi, im new to this forum
I've been _trying_ to play my guitar for the last 2-3 years with various results.

The thing that is troubling me is, (im not sure what it's called though)
is for example in The four horsemen with metallica.


not sure if it comes out right, but its the -0-0-0- part, i keep stopping on them sometimes, like i hit a wall or something, sorry I don't really know how to explain
It also bugs me in other songs as well.

Was wondering if it could be bacause i have to thin strings or something?
My low e string is a 0.09 if that helps, not sure about the high E string..

Any ideas where i can maybe find some exercises i could try out for this kind of thing.

Any help would be great, thanks
uhh, i dunno, maybe your not use to keeping rthyme like that.
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my guitar teacher always had me play boogies to develope my alternate picking skills.

That may be a little below you if you've been playing for 2 or 3 years but it helps if you double, triple, or even quad-pick every note.
I also started playing everything i could using alternate picking and it definitely helps bring your speed up into the Metallica range.
I doubt its your strings because i use the same size and it doesn't seem to have adverse effects on my speed.
a thick pick always helped me have better timing with alt picking. thicker strings also might help. just less stuff to flop around, i guess. and a metronome would be useful...for this, and anything.
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i had the same problem you would be picking the strings and your pick like gets stuck on the string (your right it is hard to explain) just double pick a tring and youll build speed and strenght on your wrist try doing this


do this until you get to the 21st fret or however many frets your guitar has the do it on the second string keep doing this alot and you'll get better
Considering you've been playing three years it may be kind of redundant to remind you of the triplet those notes follow. YOu should be able to play each measure in there (the triplet+quarternote(powerchord)) in almost one flawless motion. Start with a down stroke so that on the third note in the triplet you just continue down into the power chord(like sweep picking kinda). It'd prolly be easier to say if could actually hear what you are doing.