heres some lyrics from a yet to be completed song im doing, my band and i havent really decided firmly on a genre/sound yet so thats not really important, but the music ive written for these lyrics gives it an eary, emotional (not emo, cant describe what i mean but hopefully u understand lol) sound. if you could let me know what you think that would be great, thanks. (even if u think they suck lol)

Verse 1

All this time, we never knew you
We never knew you.
But not this time, we will stand
And you will know our names.
But we're not strong, we're not weak
But we're one against you


You know what they say
About people like you
Who get what they want, when they want
But we will not be reformed


We will stand tall, we will not fall
You'll never win this war you've waged on us
So take back all this fear
We're cried away our tears
Your terror will not reign forever
yeah thanks for the advice, the second "never knew you" is there cos it goes with the guitar piece for that verse, agreed its not the best of lines though and theres a lot better that i could put in. but the prechorus isnt really supposed to rhyme, but again, subject to change lol
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whats the theme behind it or the story? then once you have that you can name it. the song has to have a history and be hard to figure out to be a hit, but simple. i like it, good job.
Honestly, I thought it was a little boring. You REALLY overused the words "you" and "we"...nothing else really stuck out as horrible or amazing though. The idea behind it isn't terrible, it just really needs some re-wording.