I play normally rhythm, I usually stick to blues, country, and classic rock. I am looking for a good amp for about 150-200.00. It would be a practice amp, because I don't play out, I just rock the living room. I was wondering of berringer would be any good, I played the vintager, and fell in love. I am also looking at a fender frontman 25r, the berringer, line 6 spider 30w, and the roland 15 w cube. I have a epiphone lp custom.
epiphone LP Custom
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dont get the frontman, if u wanna put in about 50 dollars more go for the AD30VT valvetronix, that amp is perfect for blues and classic rock and wutnot, i own it and i dont regret getting it, its awesome
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^yeah, that would be good. or look for a small fender used tube amp; that'll be exactly what you want.
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