Don't know if any of you have seen this or thought of doing this to an amp, but I came across this site and was wondering what you guys would think the 5150 would sound like if I added Rectifier tubes to it. I know what the site says but I wanted to know from first hand people what a tube rectifier section, instead of non-tube, would sound like in my 5150 II.

Here's the link: http://www.torresengineering.com/dualrecpeav5.html
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i wouldn't try it at first on a 5150. if you mess something up, you're toast. if you're experienced though, go right ahead.

oh wait, you have a caparison guitar- you must have plenty of money.
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Ya know, I was wondering, just what kind of difference does a Tube rectifier make anyway? They don't cross the signal path at all. They just convert AC power to DC power so the amp can function right? Whattup wit dat? :stickpoke
you sure you will have enough room i have a 5150 and i dont know if you will have the room to add rectifier tubes arent they big
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Tube rectifiers, compared to SS rectifiers, are a little darker, more vintage, and a little more "british" sounding. Brit amps are known for using tube rectifiers to give them that mellow, darker sound.
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