iunno why. but my XXX sounds like **** cranked all the way to 10. [master volume]
it's prolly just because of the crappy stock tubes in 'em. but watever.

so i'm thinkin' of selling it and just get a combo that is 'crank'able to max volume and stilll retain it's clarity and tone.

i'm thinkin of the b52 AT212 combo.
looks good and tried it at GC. just didn't crank it tho. lol.
iunno watever.
i play metalcore/hxc/metal/metal and more metal. so yea.

recommend please.

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The speaker is probably breaking down because you are cranking it past its ability. And the tubes in the XXX aren't "crappy." You probably won't find an amp that can keep complete clarity at maximum master volume, unless the speaker is way too big for the amount of power the amp is putting out or something along those lines.
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dont get any peavys , they arnet good at max volume.

tell eddie van halen that
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