i have been wondering, never a good thing , but when i write my first and many more to come chart toppers, should i write the guitar music first or the lyrics first, tell me what you think and why!!!
First, before you do any of that, you should not write, but read. The S&L FAQ, that is.

Sorry mate, but this thread's in violation of this forums FAQ. If the threadstarter would be so kind as to please delete it and everyone else to shut up and not post.
It's pretty simple. So I'll make it simpler.
1. The forum rules clearly state that you can only submit pieces in posts.
2. The above post is not a piece of prose, poetry or a song, or suchlike.
3. Therefore, you have broken the rules.
4. Look at the top of this forum and you'll find all the lovely rules in the FAQ's.

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i don't know what the hell you are talking about. and i personnaly don't care.

Your arrogant attitude towards other members of this forum who do abide by the forum rules does nothing to make me want to help you. Please read the forum rules and FAQ or else don't bother using this forum
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