Can you give me the easiest way to record my electric on my computer and put it on the internet for a contest, Thanks. I'm using audicity already.
Either a Computer mic and Dmusic.com or a 3/4 to 1/3 adapter from raidoshack..then audacity and dmusic.com

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how good is ur sound card? i used to have a 8-bit sound card and recording sucked... now i have a 32-bit and it works great for everything but distortion... becuase your guitar's output may be too high for your card to handle...
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it's very good. If i wante to hook up a midi cable out of my behringer into my computer, would i have to have a small pa system or one of those multi plug in things for multiple instruments?
a midi cable? whoa.....do some research.

midi CANNOT carry audio. whne you say behringer, i assume you mean a mixer. they do make other things you know. anyway.

either plug your guitar right into the mixer or, much better plug a mic into the mixer and mic your amp.

from the mixer, go to the LINE IN on your soundcard.

btw, your soundcard is not very good at all. by good you mean its good for listening to music and play half life. its not good for recording, so expect to be a little underwhelmed at the quality of your recordings. however, with a good mic, and proper usage, and good mixing, you may be surprised at how damngood you could fit a guitar track into your mix with the above setup.

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