i keep listening to certain artists who play like lead and stuff and when they play, they get like certain sounds like screeches and stuff from feedback and it actually GOES with the music really well, but i have no idea how to do it. i kind of know how to do that ending feedback thing with your pickups and your amp that builds up, but i dont know how to get those short sounds and stuff. so if anyone can help me out on that, or has any other cool feedback techniques to share, (i love any of that stuff) id greatly appreciate it.
what works for me is high gain and high reverb. and you should get some feedback. but then again i have 6505s so that also helps. the type of amp you have would be usefull to know also. i can give you a better answer if you tell the the brand of amp
umm i dont know if it goes witht he music

but like a cool way would like to end my solos is crank my amp up on high with high distortion, and after i end my solo i put my guitar right next to the amp and start to slowing move it around tilting it left or right, up and down, have fun and be creative and experiement till you find something you like
oh and btw I THINK its really bad for the pick ups, like i think it fries them over time if you do it alot
any type of harmonic on the frets or sticking your guitar up to your amp will quickly make a high feed back sound. try it if you dont know what I mean.
They do have huge amps and when they get close you can get manipulatable feedback pretty quickly. Also, they don't have to make the feedback while they're playing the song if it's studio recordings you're refferring to. To overdub some nice feedback would be reletively easy. There is an art to it though, watch some Hendrix videos, he knew what he was doing with that stuff, try and watch what he does
yea i already know how to do the feedback holding ur guitar up to your amp, and does that actually ruin your pickups? but anyway, i dont think its pinch harmonics, but since i have never done a lot of them at high distortion, it might be that if they have the effects the right way. but this was an actual performance, not something overdubbed. i might try some pinch harmonics and see what i can do. keep any cool stuff comin if you want.
Get a good tube amp. Notes swell very naturally and powerfully into feedback. Awesome effect to just hold a note in a solo until it feedback kicks in and you can hear the harmonics and the jangling of the strings because of vibrato.

Watch this at 2:30
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It doesnt fry the pick ups. At all.

thats why i said I THINK, because i wasnt sure
i use two different ways of manipulating feedback the first is from my Zvex Fuzz Factory which will literally make you deaf the other way is like said reverb + strat bridge humbucker + fender hot rod deluxe + drive up full = easy to start getting feedback. and the easiest way for me to incorporate it into songs is where the guitar isnt needed and just to find a place to get it