ok im 16 and ive been playin guiatr for abot 2 years now. im a lefty so its kinda hard to get a nice guitar that i like so ummm. i got a crazy idea of jsut makin one. my dad is a carpenter so hes got tools and plus hell be able to help me wit anythin i need.

ok i got a bunch of questions:

How much would it be to build a nice metal axe (real cheap one)
i want to have 24 frets, 2 humbuckers and a bridge without a whammy bar

On the scale of 1-10 how hard would it be??

how much does wood cost?

best website for parts?

names of all the parts that i need???

anything else i need to know before i start this project??
check out the sticky thread on the top of this forum for nice websites for materials and stuff. that will get you started.

good luck! and keep us up to date on it.
is it possible to just buy a fretboard.. a nice one with frets and stuff so i can jsut glue it to the neck??
im thinkin bout this...... if i try to solder everythin im probly gona end up in a hospital with 3rd degree burns... lol.. yeah if i come over ur house hide ur matches as far away from me as possible.

because this is my first guitar and i dont kno what THE HELL IM DOIN i decided this. i dont want it to sound REAL NICE. i just want it to work and look AMAZING!!! so i was gona buy a cheap lefty,,, strip it down, get all the insides. with my dads help build the body and put all the insides from the cheap guitar into my body that ill make....

oh yeah bout the fret board. i still wana kno bout that!!!! (read my post above for details)

probly gona spray paint the pickups black or silver for it to look cool....

any ideas??? im open to anythin rite now
Learn and do stuff in bite-sized chunks. Learn to solder and do it cleanly. SI plan to build a guitar from scratch soon, as in after I take shop classes. In the meantime, I read a lot, then read some more, and read all the guitar mods/builds here and elsewhere.

Then this summer, modded/assembled/painted 2 Strats. Before all this, I took apart my guitars, re-assembled them, and ensured they sounded as great before I took them apart.

BTW, I'm 14
i went to a BUNCH of website. anywhere i go i find fretboards with no fretwire in them. i dont want to go through all the hastle of cutting the wire, puttin it in, leveling it. is there any place where i can just get it already done with 22 or 24 frets???

will i be able to order it from a guitar center or somethin or do they only sell guitars???

any help would be AWESOME
Soldering is the easiest part.

I don't think you can get fretted fingerboards.
If you don't even wanna fret, you might as well just buy a premade neck.
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no, guitar center does not sell them. no you cannot buy just a fretboard with frets already installed. you would need to buy the whole neck