Ok im am looking into getting a new guitar. I already Have an Ibanez Semi hollow,Epiphone Acoustic,Rogue Acoustic and Samick Les paul. I am looking at either the Epiphone Les Paul Custom the one for 600 bucks, Or the Gibson SG special for 689. Both from Guitar Center. I have normal size hands not super small but not big either. My fingers are kinda skinny. I heard that the Custom is bad if you have small hands? Please let me know. I play everything from Punk to rockabilly to 80's and 50's. Please help.

Thank you

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i say get the sg. thats just my opinion, ive always liked sgs. but you already have a samick Les Paul, so the question is, do you like it? if you really like the LP you have now, but want something simialar but a little nicer, than go for the LP. If you don't like it , or there is no need to upgrade, try out the sg. i think the sg has a little more crunch to it.

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