Hey, I'm looking into getting a new electric guitar, most likely by trading in my current Squier Strat (and some cash) for either an Epiphone Les Paul or Epiphone SG Special. The store said I should be able to get around $150 CAD for my Squier Strat, and both the LP and the SG cost 269 new. I'm not extremely displeased with my Squier, I'm just looking for something new. Also, I haven't tried out the SG amplified (just picked it up and played it a bit without an amp, and it felt really good otherwise I wouldn't be thinking about getting a new guitar), and I haven't tried the Les Paul at all, but I've heard good things. So what do you think, should I go for the Les Paul, the SG, or stick with my Squier?
Ive never played the Les Paul, but I own the SG Special, and I love it. Nothing fancy, just a good, overall guitar. Pickups are Great.
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mmm couldnt you try the drive over the border thing buy a guitar in america and then give it your fingerprints and what not and then go back homeits cheaper i mean 260 CAD for and epi sg special is priced 90 USD over what it should be but its inflation and prices for guitars in canada are more expensive than the US doesnt make sense but its economics
I live about 6 hours from the border, and with todays gas prices (and my lack of driving license at the moment), im SOL on that front, so I can only afford one of the two.
I can't remember which model specifically it was, but I'm guessing it would be the lowest Epiphone Les Paul model there is, as it was the cheapest they had there.
Shop around a bit more. You don't seem to know much about either guitar, and you may end up with something that sounds comparable to your current Squire but may have another annoying feature on it. That's a quick way to learn to hate your guitar.

Don't be in such a rush.
i own both... the SG isn't a special, it's a G-400 but it's basically the same deal. i recommend the les paul, but the SG has it's obvious perks if they suit your needs, such as a FAST neck, unrestricted access to the 21st fret, and it's way lighter. The les paul is generally a more "complete" guitar, so to speak.
The shopping around part might be a good idea, but even if the sound is fairly similar to my Squier, part of the reason I want to do this is to keep interest in playing (I've been slacking a bit), and I only ever play for myself anyways so I don't mind if the tone isn't too great. Where would you go looking though? Would you go looking in guitar shops for new models, or used models, or would you just look through pawn shops and such? Also, what brands should I look into? If you know any place that has introductory writeups on guitar brands, even though they will be biased and such, they will be appreciated).

In response to frigginjerk, when you talk about the SG being faster and an unrestricted 21st fret, do you mean that it would be better for shredding and the such (Which I'm not particularly interested in, I'm not much of a speed demon)?
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you need to either not be so cheap, wait till you ahve more money or just decide. all these guitars are the lowest of the low. you arent going to get better tone if you trade in one crappy guitar for another one. trust me i work at a guitar shop and ive palyed all these different guitars. your best bet is move up rather than over. maybe get into a mexican made strat( which should be $499 if your music store is competittive) or maybe up the line in epiphone and look at getting a standard sg or les paul(these should also be in the $500-600 range)

i hope this is helpfull, i dont want to sound like i know more than you guys, but your looking at this all wrong
Well if you want to save money maybe order off of musicians friend?
Also check some sites that sell guitars such as zzounds or musicians friend. Check out the guitars stores too if you can.

Byro11's right too you should consider saving and a spending a little more to get a better guitar.
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Well both of those guitars are made out of ply wood! Dont get them!
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