Yesterday's thoughts awakes tomorrow's good-byes
Under a watching autumn eye
Path forged my feet
It was fate that brought me here

I stared at the horizon for her?

A travesty as the wind struck
The mist consoled the twilight
Beneath the fading sun
She stood there alone standing

Awaiting by the trees
She was standing
Gradually she approached me
Beauty so close, yet so far
Nothing but whispers in my ear
Obscure in shroud of her silhouette

The advent of reprisal drew near
Night enclosed us slowly
Her smile, still as stone
Blemished through the fog
From the mist she had appeared from

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My suggestion is read the FAQ/Rules dude. I hate to be the cops for this but, you can't just throw three songs in one post and call it one. It's three. Which isn't allowed. I appreciate that you're excited about your band's material but, let us be excited too...on a even, weekly scale.
Cheers man,
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