Well my first guitar was a excel strat copy

Ive had it about a year and half I got bored with it so one day when my high E string broke on it I decided i was gonna rebuild it. Basically cause i was bored.

I decided on the parts later that night, superstrat wiring kit, gfs alcino hot stagger pickups, wilkinson pop in tremolo, all from guitarfetish and alll black.

I decided to do a stain on it to, forgot the name of it but it looks pretty sweet. I had to keep the neck and tuners that were on it cause i couldnt afford new ones, but i will replace when i get more money.

well here it is.....

So wat do u think? I like it, plus its sound a whole lot better than the no brand crap that was on it.
O and click on the pic to get a bigger one
yeah the in phase, out of phase, three way switches is wat came with the kit
bumpity bump bump, bump bump! but seriously wat do yall think about my guitar