well i have a squier stratocaste the 150 bucks model and i love this guitar i started whith it about 3 years ago but i just palyd it and it really sounds like **** (havent had played it in like a year) so i was thinking about pimpin' my axe here is what i was thinking about:
1.-Fender® Vintage Noiseless Strat Pickup Set: 130 bucks
2.-Fender® American Standard Strat Tremolo System: 80 bucks
3.-fender tuners about 50 bucks
4.-and im a right handed but i want it to look like a lefy (like hendrix did) but i dont know how much are those necks any one knows?? (i want it to have the fender logo on it...
se theres gona be about 300 buck improvisation on a 150 dollar guitar
so here is my questions:
is it gonna sound good??
how good?
is it worth it???
Quote by El Codyo
No, get a new guitar.


...or at least dont upgrade it so much, maybe only swap the pickups
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If you upgrade squiers, its just gonna be from an ugly duckling to another - slightly better ugly duckling.

Save your cash and get a new guitar.
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Thats what she said...
o before some one bashes me i know hendrix was a truly lefty but... well you get the idea...
I agree with the saveing of cash and getting a good guitar and a Bitchin' amp!
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I agree with those who are telling you to get a better guitar. Mod this later. If you screw it up now, you won't have anything to play on.
I spent about $150 modding my squire when I got bored of it. It still is kinda crappy, but I painted it, new pickguard (3 ply), used humbucker, new pots, new wires, new selector switch, new knob, and Dunlop straploks.

It's a good thing to bang around on, and what better way to pay dues to your first electric? But for your situation, get a new guitar.