my band has got this show coming up
and we are planning to do a couple of covers to open up~
our aim is to realli grab ppl with songs they alreayd heard b4 .. so somehting 'rocky'/'loud'

so far we thoguht up 2... its my life - bonjovi and crazy - simple plan

any other mad ideas to open up? preferably recentish songs .. not classic~
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Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin. If that doesn't get a crowd going then they are idiots.
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If you're aiming to get the crowd's attention quickly with stuff that everyone knows try Sugar, We're Goin' Down or Dance, Dance.

You could throw in Smells Like Teen Spirit even though it's older. Everyone has heard this song. Or you could even do Sunshine of You Love by Cream...that riff is totally awesome.
This should probably go in the bandleading forum.

Wolfmother - Woman. You probably need a keyboard though.
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Umm, if you've got the skill: Planet Telex by Radiohead. Or do me one better and try Electioneering instead. That ones by Radiohead aswell if you didnt know
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