this amazing 5 piece hardcore influenced thrash metal band is located in Lynchburg, VA. I highly suggest the CD 'The Fall of Rome.' "Watcher" is probably my favorite song. Sorry if there was already a winter solstice thread but i didn't see any on the first page and figured i should start one for people who have yet to hear them. And sorry if this band should be under the metal thread but i believe hardcore is very appropriate as well. Questions, comments, hysteria?!
Very good stuff.
FOR SOME WEIRD REASON I always mix them up with Winds Of Plague.
They don't even sound alike.
Fun stuff to listen to though.
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Too bad they broke up, they were pretty good.
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the fall of rome was a huge dissapointment for me....every song sounded exactly the same, there were two really good ones though, dont remember the names
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
Yeah I spent a year in Lynchburg Va, and actually got to know some of the guys in this band. Nice dudes. Alright band. They formed a band with members of Everything falls together. I wanna say the new band is called Ghost of a fallen age.
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thats why he's the hardcore mod
They broke up and were never that good
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Got old really quick.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Amazing, wish they would get back together even thougn ghost of a fallen age is just as good.
I have always loved this band. One of my first "core" bands i got into. And Ghost of a Fallen Age blows compared to these guys.
Ridiculously backed metalcore.
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Freak balls yeah! These guys are so much fun. They were suggested to me on this forum a few years ago when I was reaching my Darkest Hour climax. The way Calibrate the Virus opens up is sooo sweet.

I used to get them mixed up with Light this City, for some reason. I guess maybe the vocalists sound similar, even though LTC has a girl vocalist which you'd think most people would remember. They have similar styles, though, but I think LTC is a little more gothenburg influenced.
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My friend randomly found and bought The Fall of Rome (never heard of them before either) in a cd store a year ago, and we used to jam Calibrate the Virus so hard. haha
i have their The Pulse is Overrated album, i think it's Kinda rare, ha, at least i hope. It's basically demo versions of Hampton Roads, L'aeroport, Malice, and Watcher. They are all longer and still pretty good. Anways, their stuff is REALLY fun to play.
how nice of you to make a topic about me :p. Yeah I think they're great, rally love the vocals, calibrate the virus has a brilliant opening. Though my favourite song is l'aeroport.

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how nice of you to make a topic about me :p. Yeah I think they're great, rally love the vocals, calibrate the virus has a brilliant opening. Though my favourite song is l'aeroport.

that werid, iv never seen any two people who have the same winter sostice fav song, my fav is coutrasy bow *sp but yea everyone iv heard of says something different
Used to listen to them all the time

sad i'll never get to see them live

ghost of a fallen age is ok
they basically define metalcore for me. Their vocalist is definitely in my top ten of all time. I will make it a holiday if they get back together. One of their band members just recently posted what they were all doing now that they're done with WS. Probably the greatest metalcore cd for me of all time is The Fall of Rome. Every song is so delicious there's no way i could choose a favorite, but the first song of theirs i ever heard was calibrate the virus, and it's an incredibly fun song to play and takes no skill whatsoever and sounds really good too.
ghost of a fallen age WAS good. then matt and jon left. jon is the one who got me into hardocre music. i know matt and jon personally.

as for winter solstice, i was never really into them. but darren was in everything falls together with matt and jon. they were amazing. good grindcore type stuff. lol