This is no joke, the maddest I have been with my band. As stated before, the band in my signature has been on hiatus since Spring because our drummer quit. I haven't talked with the singer in weeks, talked to the rhythm guitarist on the phone about 2 weeks ago and saw the lead guitarist in the mall just the other day. I found a guy who wanted to audition on drums and wanted to have practice.

Today I got this strange myspace message that said: "Everyone in the band quit and reformed under (the same name we had before)" They then listed the new line up and it was everyone except for me and the old drummer wtf?

NO one is returning any of my phone calls. At last practice, one of the members got mad at me and they find me very intimidating. I was the one responsible for booking a majority of the gigs, keeping the band in line, getting stuff ready etc. For this, I demanded more control of the band at got it UNDER contract with more things also.

They were very careful to say I wasn't fired because under the contract, if they fire me.. they have 18 months to get signed or I can collect royalities. On the myspace page, the password was changed, all my pics are off, they took the songs I wrote off, etc. There is no blog or anything to describe what happened.. and no gigs lined up no surprise there.

Basically, I'm not mad that I won't play with these guys anymore. I'm in another band that is more talented, gets paid a LOT more money, and is playing the top clubs in our area. I'm more upset over the fact that none of them had the balls to call me and they had to send a myspace message to say how they felt VAGUELY.

Pretty much a vent, but what do you guys think I should do? Keep trying to contact them or let them fall on their ass? The old drummer that came back quit because he found a "better" band but now he's back.. nice to know they have someone who is reliable.
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Let them rot.
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damn that sux
well if the band members are your close friends then you should try to make things right.
BUT it sounds like they're a bunch of assholes. i say screw 'em, and keep with your new band which sounds better.
i say let them fall on there ass's and run away like little pussies, oh whats ur myspace link? YOURS not theirs
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Wow. Here's my advice, let them be worthless on their own. No one wants to play with immature people anyway.
With the band I'm in now (ADB9).. it's usually $60-$100 in our 5 member band each. We live in a small suburban area. In the band that's the subject of this topic. We would be lucky if we got $40-$100 FOR THE ENTIRE band a gig. Most gigs were $0 because the guys only cared about "exposure"
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
So, wait . . . . you play bass, and you found a drummer? Just find a guitar player, take all the songs that you wrote, write some more material, and move on with your life.

Let those punks be nothing more than a footnote on your epic ass, man.

if your under contract , and they fired you then take legal action. Even if they didnt say specifically that they fired you they still technically did.
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Leave them behind. It sounds like you will get further in life. Screw them.

Today, I got a phone call from the lead guitarist. The first thing he said without saying hello was "DO you have my mixer!" He was referring to a small mixer i borrowed from him for a gig we had back in March, I had it in our singers truck and he went into get it repaired.. so I imagine it was stolen. I told him I didn't have it and he just got madder and ruder. I then said "What's up with this myspace message thing." He then denied knowing anything about it and said he had not talked to any other band members in a while!

Now, does this sound fishy? Well. get ready for this... about 15 minutes later the singer text messages me asking if I've been to get my stuff yet! I then called him and asked what was up.. and he said he was at our old drummers place and to stop by. I was vivid at that point, but remianed calm... plus they had some of my stuff there.

When I got there, they were unpacking stuff upstairs since they had to move out of our lead guitarists house. I then asked for my stuff and took a few things.. the singer then said "What do you think about this band situation."

me- "I'm not going to sit here and argue with you about that. All I'm going to say is I think it was EXTREMELY immature and unprofessional that if you didn't want to play with someone anymore, you would at least call them instead of sending a myspace message"

More bull****... they admitted that there was a myspace message.. but none of them would even admit to sending it! Some members wouldn't even look me in the face. The lead guitarist was hiding inside the house since he has anger management issues.. but if he was there.. I would have asked why he lied to me just 30 minutes ago.

I then said "Here's what I'm going to do ... I'm going to take my stuff... take my songs.. and you never have to see me again".. and left... hardly any goodbyes.

Many of my friends say I'm better off without them and I did mention to them tonight that I'm in a better band now that has great gigs and is getting money. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, technically the contract is still going.. so if they get signed.. they will hear from me. But I have a feeling they will disband within a few months.

This was a mess. Here's something for you younger guys: If you put a lot into a band, make sure you get what you can out of them while it last and don't trust anyone!
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
man, ill be the first to admit that this is great stuff to read. you should make a column about this kinda like the on the road to comeback road colums or however the name is.

anyway, yeah. ditch those losers and stay in your better band. let them fall apart and laugh at them when they do. bo ya!
you should buy that one guy a new mixer though.
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i wouldent buy that asshole ****, he was being the stupid little prick

that really sucks man, i hate when stuff like that happens. good luck with your better band man,
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Just move on. You're going to have to do it eventually, or else you end up being like Dave Mustaine.

Don't get me wrong, now, I love Megadeth. But why is it that his having been fired from Metallica twenty-three years ago still a factor in just about every interview he's in? Check out the extended scene with in from Some Kind of Monster - he comes across as a whiny putz!

Don't be a putz. They tried to screw you over, and by dwelling on it and letting it drag you down, you let them win. Be the victor in this situation - get with that new drummer, find a guitar player (and maybe a vocalist, too) and move on.

Incidentally, I'm basing this advice on a very, very bad relationship with an evil wench who really jacked me over, personally and socially.

Tell all the local club managers that they have wild backstage parties with midgets doing lines and male prostitutes.

Lets see how long they stay together after that
You made the right choice. Take all the songs you wrote, and make something out of them with the new band you're in. Good luck.