Poll: How is Kerry's and Jeff's playing on the new slayer cd?
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View poll results: How is Kerry's and Jeff's playing on the new slayer cd?
Same old, kick ass, face melting slayer!
9 64%
Much better then anything they have done up to this point with slayer..
0 0%
I think kerry and jeff took a break on this album, its really not as great..
0 0%
they are over rated imo.
5 36%
Voters: 14.
I only herd 2 or 3 songs on teh new album, what is your opinion on it? Do they really show off? that would be awesome
I definately think Tom Araya screwed this up for Slayer as being a heavy metal, etc. etc. band.

I quote from new lyrics...

"Religion is...religion is...religion is...the path that I have chosen is [pause] SIX SIX SIX"

Preeeeeetty lame.
Tom Araya doesn't write the lyrics, Kerry does.
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well...when its written out...yeah its lame. But he pulls it off. This new album was the firs id ever listened to slayer but now i think imma check out thier older stuff now.
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Quote by B.C. Rich Fan
i think it's as good as reign in blood IMO.

especially "Catatonic". i love that song.


By the way, kerry does all the guitar in this album, both rythm and lead.
I like it a lot, I've never really paid that much attention to the lyrical side of Slayer. I know it's mostly satanic stuff, do I really need to listen?
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I'm not a fan by any standards but I really think the new album leaves alot to be desired. That being said I havent really listened to it much, but from what i heard i have fashioned my opinion.
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cult is a badass live song..but this should be in the metal forum not EG!!!!!!!!
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the songs are good, but you forget about them as soon as they're over because they don't have to same calhiber riffs as the old stuff. The old stuff had riffs that stuck in your head because they were so genious, now its just standard stuff i guess.
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