ok so my guitar came with three trem springs in the back. i recently got two more to put in because i heard it was suposed to keep the guitar in tune better. so in that case it works but for some reason, if i use the whammy bar, like just one dive with it and strings start going out of tune. this never happened when i had three springs. it would go out slightly over time but i could just whale on it and push it all the way down and nothing would happen. so why is this happening? i thought it would actually help keep it in tune when doing that. i mean hendrix had five springs and he did all the stuff i used to do and more. is it just my guitar? i dont have a strat, i have a samick malibu.
you have a samick malibu....Not a floyd rose nor a Hendrix strat. It's the guitar man. a good trem doesn't go out that Easy, lower model guitars or different tremolo bridges do that
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no, it just makes sense, cuz i mean the strings are being pulled alot by all the springs, when u use your wammy bar your relieving the stress on them. then letting it go, you get kinda of a recoil affect, and it leaves them out of tune. if i were you id stick to 3 strings. its just easier, its also easier to pull on a wammy bar. or you might also want to tighten the screws i guess.

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Putting more springs at the back wont keep your tuning better, it'll just make it harder to use your trem. What i'd suggest you to get are some locking tuners and keep it simple, 3 springs or 4.
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so what if i get a strat? should i just have the three or can it handle the 5? do i need to do something else to the guitar so that it can have 5 and be able to do hendrix stuff?
Why are you so particular about hendrix's setup, you just do what is comfortable to you and what's best for your guitar and its tuning. With 5 springs its a bit harder to press down the trem bar rather than having 3 springs, thats all im saying. If you get a strat, the principal remains the same and the bridge also is about the same, vintage tremolo system. If you're still eager to get 5 springs in there, then be my guest, what you definately need are some locking tuners.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
yeh its harder to push down but its also easier for the trem to get back to resting on the body.
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You wanna use the trem, then have three springs. Its easier.

You dont wanna use the trem, have 5 springs and lock it down.

but that just seems weird because hendrix had five springs. did he have locking tuners or a special bridge? thats why im so particular about his setup because it looks like his guitar is pretty normal but hes got the 5 springs and he'll go like all the way down and his guitar may only have one string out of tune.