Quite nice. I like it. The piano intro is cool, I was rather expecting a flood of Brian May style harmonies to come pouring out, which would have been totally sweet. The heavy rythm guitars were decent, it's hard to crit rythm guitars though, timing was good and all. Will be interesting to hear with vocals. Solos were excellent technically. You guys can certainly play guitar. Drums were a bit fake, but if you don't have a drummer around that's hard to avoid. It's catching on, even though this isn't really the style of music I usually listen too.
One thing-I didn't notice much bass really. As in pretty much all instances, bass really improves everything. The part with the really fast bass drum stuff is annoying, I'd take that out.

Crit back please!
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Very nice, i like how the piano intro is all of a sudden overtaken by the rythym guitars...

the solos were just amazing, i liked the going back to the piano, and then back again to the guitars. outro seemed a little off to me, i dont know how or why, it just did....but maybe thats just me. Overall, good job.
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Oh man....this is killer.

You're into the same genre I'm into. The recording on this is brilliant and I love the sound of the rhythm guitar. That's just crazy.

Nice sweeps to start the solo off. Nice harmonic minor phrasing to end that section as well.

I would KILL to hear Geoff Tate sing over this.
Fantastic stuff my friend......

its clear you have a great understanding of musical theory as well as a tremendous feel for the guitar.

Im incredibly impressed. lol record some more please
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sounds great man, very polished with catchy hook. The solos are pretty blazing too, excellent playing and unique style. I guess I'm the only one not really diggin the little piano parts, maybe if they were a little more complex or something. I Could use some solo writing advice, and advice how to get so fluid in my leads like you are, you sound like you've been at it for quite a few years. The song and your playing are really kickass ass man, nice work.
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i love songsw that go from soft to hard in the intro.Cool song,I think lyrics on it would be really nice,just to add to the awesomeness!
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