I'm thinking about getting a Wylde Overdrive Pedal. I play a wide variety of rock, but mainly metal. I was hoping this thing could help those pinch harmonics come out a lil better than they are now. Can this thing make them scream? Also What do you recommend as a good distortion pedal that isn't completely muddy, but gives a chunky tone.
personally i think the pedal is amazing, i'm getting one because it adds the extra punch to ur amp when used on the dirty channel. my lead guitarist in my band has one, and yes it does make harmonics jump out at u
For the first question: Yes, yes it does. And for the second: BOSS BD-2.
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sounds good. Also about amps and stuff I've had this lil 30 watt crate amp i've been using since I started, but now i'm thinking of getting a good gig sized one since we're starting soon. I was thinking about a Krank Krankenstein one, but its kinda expensive. Would a Marshall MG100HDFX half stack with a krank distortious maximus pedal be a good cheap alternative to this?

not at all

the mg heads are poor in quality... as are the rest of their amps....

even with a nice tube distortion, you're still running it through the giant solid state crap box that is marshal mg

i own one... i know....
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No....for the price, the Krank is horrible....

First, you only want to get an overdrive if you have a tube amp....

Next, the wylde overdrive is very poor. I bought it, and returned it a few days later. Very noisy switching...makes your amp pop when you switch. Overdrive is poor IMO opinion also.

First look into a real amp, then we can talk overdrive pedals.

What's your budget?
For a half stack, I can spend about 600-1200. But price isn't the biggest thing i'm worried about. I'm looking for a quality high gain amp.
i have the zakk od and i love it my maxon took a dump and im an overdrive user when im at home for stage i use rack gear lot easier, but its a great od i use it through my triple recto alot for solo boast and love it, adds clarity and volume and the pinchs just ring, its also great for getting a good blues tone